Complaint Information Form

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Date of complaint receipt:
Name & Address of the farmer with contact No.:
Name and address of the dealer:
Nature of complaint:
Details about the seed purchased:
Crop and hybrid number:
Lot number:
Quantity in kg:
Seed value: Rs.:
Cash receipt and invoice number:
Area planted by the farmer:
Date of sowing:
Left over seed quantity with farmer / dealer:
Are the left over seed bags intact or open:
Date of visit:
Stage of the crop on the date of visit:
Total quantity of seed of said lot number sold by the dealer:
Are the complaints are similar from other farmers also with same lot and other lots:
Have you visited the field after complaint:
How many fields you visited in the same area:
How many fields in different areas you visited:
Are the complaints are similar with competitors product also in the area:
Date of your last visit to the plot:
Did the farmer already approached government department:
Details of action taken by government department if any:
Yield performance of our product except few complaints:
Your own opinion about the complaint / probable causes:
Name and address of the concern company officer: