Company Profile

Signet Crop Sciences India Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in the year 2007 with a mandate of developing Research hybrids and varieties in field, forage and vegetable crops which are suitable for specific and general adaptability and suited to different agro-climatic and ecological situations to cater the needs of farming community across the country. It has sound scientific personal of vast experience in both research and production and had good infrastructural facilities for undertaking Research to fulfill its mandate.

Signet Crop Sciences India Pvt. Ltd. is a research based organization. Its R&D activities and research stations are recognized by the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR), Government of India.

The in-house R & D efforts done by the scientists of the company have started bearing fruits and some very promising hybrids and varieties (>35 products) have been commercialized which attracted the farming community and are in good demand. The development is best described by its slogan "WE UNDERSTAND FARMER’S NEEDS". Numbers of products are also in pipeline for future commercialization for phasing out the old products with better USP characters and productivity per se. The new hybrids will replace the public bred seed which the company has been selling in the past.

The company is having a rich 'Gene Bank' with diverse germplasm (>4,497 lines) which were selectively collected and this is the strength and will make the company unique and makes the difference than other players in the seed industry. It has sound research, production, seed conditioning and marketing departments to fulfill the requirements. It has recorded an annual growth rate of over 100% and plans to increase further by way of entering in to the era of transgenic research and molecular assisted marker selection and breeding.

Signet Crop Sciences India Private Limited employs about 50 people and is represented in over different states of the country. It is among the fast growing companies working specially for hybrid rice, corn & vegetables.

SIGNET SEEDS is an integrated group of teams, dedicated to the development and marketing of innovative vegetable genetics and related science and services for the production of healthy food.