Chairman Message

Vision of Signet Crop Sciences India Pvt. Ltd. is to create a dynamic, innovative, nationally and internationally competitive, research based backup in producing high performance, high quality seeds and planting materials which benefit farmers and significantly contribute to the sustainable growth of Indian agriculture.

In pursuance of this vision, Signet Seeds has been carrying out various initiatives where collective knowledge and skill of well experienced scientists and researchers can be applied to create innovative and relevant solutions for the betterment of farming community of the country. While, there has been a significant progress made in accomplishing the above objectives, there still remain a significant scope to convert the knowledge in to the agricultural wealth of the country.

The theme of the Signet Seeds is to address the supply of high quality seeds on affordable prices to the farmers. Company researchers have re- directed their breeding programs for the development of hybrids and varieties with tolerance for high temperature, efficient utilization of nutrients, having resistance against biotic and a biotic stresses, suitability for drought prone areas and high quality nutritional value for end users.

Signet Seeds is committed to providing best products and latest cutting edge technology to our farming community. We believe in educating and training farmers for maximizing their productivity and prosperity. We have a highly trained and motivated team with rich experience in research, product development, quality assurance, processing, production and sales and marketing, working regularly to realize our dreams.

Dr. S.K.Kaushik