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Considering the importance of Agri Biotech research, Signet Seeds has entered in the new era of Agri – Biotechnology. Spacious greenhouses were built in 22,000 sq. ft. area at R & D division. Biotechnology Research Laboratory was constructed and several modern equipment like PCR, Gel Doc System, ELISA Reader, Centrifuges etc., are available for conducting Biotechnology research.

Making better seed varieties has everything to do with bettergenes. These genes are the codes of instruction found in every living thing – codes that tell organisms to make substances for growth, survival and many other functions or traits. Plant biotechnology has enabled researchers to take beneficial genes from selected organisms and introduce them into plants, thus making better varieties. Some examples include biotechnology crops that are resistant to pests, more nutritious, or contribute to end products of other industries, such as biofuels.

It’s not easy. Making biotechnology seeds available to farmers across the world involves a long, costly process. Product development from the gene discovery phase to seed commercialization takes about 10 years, costs roughly US$100 million, and requires regulatory review and compliance at various stages. Tests during product development consider intended use of the product, plus ethical, environmental, food and feed safety implications.

It’s rewarding. Despite the challenges, the plant science industry and a number of public research institutions continue producing better seeds through modern biotechnology – by far the only viable technology for transferring desirable genes between unrelated organisms. Results deliver significant benefits to farmers and consumers. In the Asia-Pacific region, farmers are increasingly planting biotechnology crops on millions of hectares of land, year after year.

It’s a packaged deal. The responsibility of biotechnology seed developers continues long after seeds have been distributed. They must ensure that national biosafety measures and other compliance requirements are observed. This is product stewardship: the responsible management of every product from development to commercialization and to product discontinuation.

It’s a bright future. The future promises many new biotechnology crop varieties, with benefits for farmers, consumers and economies around the world. But first, every product will pass through many development phases, rigorous safety tests and strict regulatory review. That’s what it takes to make better seeds through biotechnology. There are no short cuts. And stewardship is key to making it work.

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